Below is part 4 of the case update for April-May. Click the following links for part 1, part 2, and part 3

The Federal judge for our case unfortunately decided to dismiss our case. His dismissal was based on the petition by the State that their administrative process should be exhausted before the courts get involved. We expected that this could be a possible result and had already been preparing our administrative appeal for the State.

What we did not expect was that the State would completely abandon their own administrative process, the same process they used to have our case dismissed, and file their own lawsuit against us to shut us down. They submitted their lawsuit prior to even receiving our appeal and over a week before our appeal deadline.

This clearly shows that the State never had any intention of considering our appeal and that they used their own “administrative process” to manipulate the court into dismissing our case so they could file their own. This is just one more example of the State’s unethical behavior and willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish their agenda. It should also be noted that the $200 per day fines have been running this entire time. At this point the fines equal more than $11,000.

The Pacific Justice Institute had been amazing and is continuing to defend us. We’re incredibly grateful for their support.

We greatly appreciate your donations and continued support. We also ask that you spread the word about this injustice and abuse of power against our school.

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